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This Page is for the wild ideas we all have.


  • Would it be possible to replace the laces with a "memory" type plastic that

could be heated and stretched to put the suit on and when the heat is removed it would contract to pull the suit tight.

  • Lacing the arms would be extremely difficult to do by yourself. Use hook & loop or possibly zippers. Needs to be done one handed.
  • Break the lacing at the hip. Have the top lace down and the bottom lace up. Easier to do by yourself and can be done standing up.
  • Helmet Inlet and exhaust air hole needs to be about 40mm surface area, with reliable one way valves. (pgg - Discussion with [email protected]) - any variation on that theme will work. The current design we worked out involves the breathing gas return from the rear base of the helmet, the inlet air as two slits with their supply hoses tapering in from both sides, blowing onto the faceplates.
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