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Happy to help out with typos, formatting, etc etc. I'm not going to bullshit you though. When it comes to engineering I am a rookie noob with no experience and not enough classes under my belt. On the technical end I probably can't help you (not yet). On the bright side, all text articles on Lunarpedia are public domain and are at your disposal. Most of what I've done there pertains to chemistry, geology, and ISRU. - JamesR 02:03, 24 January 2009 (UTC)


I thought I had entered the email options, but it turns out you have to autoconfirm and I hadn't done that yet. Should be fixed now.

I had thought I had already read most of the articles here, but there's no index. How is somebody to systematically read it all without using the random page function again and again and again?

The only way I know of to wikify an index, is to make the articles themselves ramify into an outline-type format. That's done with "main article" functions, and "see also" sections. It sort of imposes a outline design, but on the other hand, it gives readers a tree to follow. Otherwise everyone just flails about, trying to find articles with the random page function. Do you need help with this?

BTW, I'm an avid scuba diver myself. Sbharris 20:35, 5 February 2010 (UTC)

Imposing order on chaos

THE OUTLINE (imposing order on chaos)

I know outlines are boring. You were supposed to do one every time you did an essay or report. And you thought the brand new database properties of the Wiki were going to get you out of having to think of that. Wrong.

The Wiki database is a marvelous hyperlinked thing, in which every node (wiki) can be hot-linked to any other. BUT, getting into this can get you into a spaghetti of wikis with no particular order, and navigating through that can be like navigating the web. Except with no search engine like Google to help. You don’t want that.

Failing this, somebody has to start by putting down a VERY broad outline of trees of subjects the Wiki dbase is about, and this ends up being in semi-outline form, with categories and sub-categories and sub-sub categories. There’s no escaping that. It’s how we classify living organisms, for example. It’s a sort of taxonomy of the wiki-dbase you have. Right now, this Wiki-dbase for Openluna has absolutely no such structure.

But once this is done, a general order can start to be imposed on random wikis, by many mechanisms, which you will be familiar with, if you’ve worked on Wikipedia.

One major one is category pages. These can be created any way you like, and other pages can be mentioned on them by simply adding a [[category:X]] tag to the bottom of the page. When you create the category page, all the subpages with the tag show up there, in alphabetical order.

Within articles, besides the normal hyperlinks to other wikis (which you make with double sets of brackets, like [[this]]), the way to link to major “tree” subjects is with “main articles” and with articles in a “see also” section of internal links to other related wikis that haven’t been mentioned in the main article. The “main article” links are when you want to go into more detail, so you name a subarticle which is too long to be included in the main article. Then you leave a summary of it behind in the main article, and thus you end up with a tree of more and more detailed articles, which you can move naturally through while reading. For more on this, see the wikipedia article on summary style:

In any case, first we need an outline, and I can’t do that myself. I need your help. I’ll put up at the end of this, and you can start making suggestions. These in turn can be turned into category pages, and so on. I’ve even done a few category pages, like [[Category:Launch Vehicles]] to show how this is done.

Again, this is ONLY to help the new reader to get into the thing. It really does not impose much in the way of “needing to do things this way or that” on everybody else. You can still link any wiki to any other wiki. But this way, the newbie can find his or her way around. Sbharris 22:40, 5 February 2010 (UTC)

Example Outline

EXAMPLE OUTLINE for Wiki (feel free to change in any way you like)

I. Openluna project

II. Openluna Wiki

III. Mission to the moon (Here we talk about anything about the general mission which isn’t covered below in specifics)

IV. Funding

V. Modular pieces of equipment

A. Launch vehicles
B. Lunar landers
C. Lunar surface base
1. Space suits (moon suits?)
2. Rovers
3. Etc.
D. Earth return capsules


A.Power systems
B.Life support
1. Air
2. Water
3. Food
4 etc
C. Radiation shielding
1.Normal surface conditions
2.Solar Flares
D. Lunar resource recovery
1. Water
2. Using soil

VII. Crew and human factors

VIII. Mission Duration and re-supply

IX. Mission science

X. Other problems

XI. Connections to future Mars mission

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