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Hey, I like all the effort you have been putting into the wiki. I think you are adding value to the site, That being said....

1) Some of us try to keep up by looking at the recent changes. Hitting save every 5 min puts a lot of edit up. any chance of just using the preview button and holding off on the update until it is ready to go ? (some get an email every time the save is pressed can be alot of mail!)

2) Not just you, but everyone needs to start using the discussion page linked to the topic's page. I was looking at the 'where to go first' page and noticed that people were chatting back and forth about orbital dynamics. That should be in the discussion area. (Where I put mine, probably by accident )

Thanks, and keep it up. -Snyder

Hi Snyder, You offered two very good requests to this wiki-newbie person who didn't realize that the 'save page" function was releasing a flurry of emails re recent changes. I thought recent changes were only logged on the "recent changes Page" I hadn't considered that some people were on the email list to get mail for all page changes in the wiki. whew. I will use preview more.

  • There's a bit of an inherent wiki structural problem with discussion pages after they've been used a lot -- They get long and cluttered and effectively hard to read and indigestable. They get to need editing in other words. When I'm publishing on a front page, I edit the text surrounding my post but I wouldn't bother with all that hassle on a discussion page and I doubt anyone would.
  • Discussion on discussion pages doesn't happen often so good ideas will never make it to the front side of the wiki if they have to sit around a year to be haggled-over by semi-active wikimembers.
  • Any guideline suggestions on this structural defect?
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