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I am Steven B. Harris (call me Steve). I'm a 52 y.o. physician who who specializes in the physiology of hypothermia and resuscitation, but who also has an intense interest in physics and space travel.

I have a bunch of ideas which are about half-way in value and sophistication between those of a layman, and those of a professional. Thus, some of them will be of interest to the professional NASA thinkers (including consulting thinkers), and some of them will be "Eh, typical physics student question." So I'm badly in need of somebody to vet my comments.

This wiki looks like exactly the place to find collaboration.

In my earlier days as a nutritional gerontologis, I co-wrote one of the few published biology papers to come out of the sealed ecosystem Biosphere II, which NASA didn't pay much attention to. But that work is eventually going to need to be done.

I'm credited with helping to get thinking going again for the idea of boron-nitride fiber as a spacecraft structural material, particularly as it can be made with neutron-absorbing boron-10, so it does double-duty as both structural material and secondary neutron-spallation-from-cosmic ray shield.

I've got a lot of other ideas about radiation protection and designs of spacecraft which I'll share on the appropriate Wikis, if I can find them.



(By the way, I'm user:sbharris on Wikipedia, also. I've been there since Nov. 2005, so I'm acquainted with this format.)

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