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Len Cross

I am a grunt I don't have a lot of degrees or a background in space travel. What I do have is time. Being retired I have time on my hands - so if you need something simple done (I am learning how to administer the wiki) that takes a lot of your time -- contact me.

As a retired Outside Plant Engineer for telephone companies (35 years)-- I like to think I take a common sense approach to things. I am a big proponent of the KISS principle.

My goal is not to provide answers but to ask questions that make you think. I want to tell that I have got great experience of compare and contrast essays purchasing. I state that the essay writing service can be the best helper in the research papers completing situation. I will probably make most of you laugh with my simplistic questions but hopefully I can at least make you think in a new or different direction.

I also make a pretty good "wall" -- feel free to bounce things off of me anytime you want. I am not afraid to give an opinion -- or to say that I have no idea. If you do send me an email make sure that the first word in the subject is "OpenLuna" that way you won't get lost in the SPAM.

Basically, I am just an old and sometimes cranky individual that wants to help.

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