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So what would happen if we didn't use any battery at all (Maybe an ultra-capacitor for the transient shades), and let it power down at night? could we build something whos tolerances would survive that?

It would be good to end the lander on a mountain range that (nearly) always sees sunlight and Earth. Use it as a relay. I'm not sure Mesh would help, but we'd need to check the mass budget. (I'd like to see five or six of these things.)

I still think we need mobility, because I think the hopper is a one shot delivery sort of deal.

As far as cameras? I'd want to get Sony or Panasonic or ?? to give us pan/zoom/tilt/HD cameras, and a few small/cheap "driving" cams.


Mobility is required for the Lunar X-Prize. To win, the lander must move 500 yards(or meters) or some distance and take video of it.

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