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nobody has commented yet on this page, has anyone read it ? It occurs that the payload landed to Leo mass for a mission one is about 11 to 1 So a 1kg (cubesat) rover could be landed for something like 11kg in leo. Probably not really as flight computers and such don't scale all that well, but I bet 40 kg could probably land a 1 kg rover/payload. any takers ?


It seems I missed this before: a one kilogram ROVER? That is the idea - a one kilogram payload that is to actually move oever the lunar surface on its own? I would say it is possible, but wow! It is going to be a very interesting design to cram all of the neccessary functions into a single kilogram of mass.

Regarding the 11:1 figure noted above: it depends on your choice of propellant for the upper stage. I assume you are going with something less punchy than LOX/LH2. What I'm wondering is why no one is talking about a solar sail. A sail ten meters on a side would be adequate for a one kilogram payload to be delivered to the Moon in about 75 days of flight. Really large solar sails are beyond the technology available to us, but the ten-meter unit should be workable. . . Assuming a rather kludgy five grams per square meter, the entire sail ways only five kilograms.

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