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Anyone want to argue or detail this?

I'll detail it.

Strict property rights. Don't mess with someone else's stuff. period.

Generally, follow the john lock philosophy, specifically his Two Treatises of Government. -Gar.

One of Lock's premises was answering the question 'Why is this (place) yours ?" His answer was pretty simple, but rang true. This 'thing' that I find is no-ones. There are plenty of them and I need it ! I will use it and nobody else will. I make it mine and property rights are created.

This is in contrast to Hobbs view that everything is gods, and down the 'chain of command' property is granted ( divine right of kings, etc)

To put it another way. me grabbing a part of the moon to be mine IS in the interest of all mankind. even if nothing more than an example.

-Ges 2/16/09

Lawyers are to be shot on landing. -pgg

Rules and laws are to be simple enough that anyone with a public education can understand them.

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