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List of automation needed for a container held aquaponics system:

All readings, data logging, and switching ON/OFF must be available for review/control via a webpage browser, with logging.

Some ideas how it looks like are visible here:

1) This senior citizen runs aquaponics with automation...

2) And younger man, self-made automation:

For each Aquaponics System:

1. pH meter in the water.

2. DO /Dissolved oxygen/ meter (in the fish tank) - low reading means something is rotting - dead fish, plant or similar. (and will raise the stink, and kill other stuff in the tank.)

3. Temperature - of the air and of the water in each of the tanks. (This will help track the biological processes.)

4. Time for each cycle in each Grow Bed. (How would we measure this? PGG)

5. Is the water pump running - reading to the voltage and amperage of the pump(s).

6. Speed of the water /if the water is moving, then pump is running and nothing is clogged.

7. Speed in the air /the air fans are running, and everything above said for the water pump - voltage and amperage readings for air fans.

8. light availability for plants (For natural lighting and to determine if the grow lights are operating correctly.)

9. Optical detection in the air conduits between modules to check for bee or other activity.

10. CO2 levels in air and water.

8. Luminosity in the container - are all the lamp emitting light, or some of them are burned out...

9. Relative humidity in the air.

10. Automated feeders for the fish. There is a research /for pity, in Bulgarian/ that automated feeding makes fish growth faster, and this leads to economy in regards to the food used per a kilogram of fish (1.5 kg pellets per 1 kg of fish weight increasement)

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