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List of automation needed for a container held aquaponics system:

All readings, data logging, and switching ON/OFF must be available for review/control via a webpage browser, with logging.

Some ideas how it looks like are visible here:

1) This senior citizen runs aquaponics with automation...

2) And younger man, self-made automation:

For each Aquaponics System:

1. pH meter in the water

2. DO /Dissolved oxygen/ meter (in the fish tank)

3. Temperature - of the air and of the water

4. Time for each cycle in each Grow Bed

5. Is the water pump running - reading to the voltage and amperage of the pump

6. Speed of the water /if the water is moving, then pump is running and nothing is clogged/

7. Speed in the air /the air fans are running, and everything above said for the water pump - voltage and amperage readings for air fans/

8. Luminosity in the container - are all the lamp emitting light, or some of them are burned out...

9. Relative humidity in the air.

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