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(Creating the "Sample Return" class mission.)

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The locations for these sample return missions will be determined by the rovers from Mission 1. We plan for 50-100kg of samples and a rover that can hang around indefinitely "prospecting" and gathering information. The landing is planned for the Shackleton Crater at the lunar southern pole. We will be looking for water, other useful resources, and a good location for a future shelter and outpost. Land will be claimed for the project (see growing and evolving discussion of lunar and other non-Earthly land ownership debates/policies). Place at minimum one communications satellite in orbit with the first launch. At least two of these missions are planned to give a good spread of target areas and rigorously test the technology. Rock samples will be returned to Western Ontario University and, after being safely cleared, then distributed to those who requested them or auctioned. Profits from this and other income opportunities will be used to fund the next mission. Media opportunities will include auctioning samples, contests to include students at various levels, naming rights as appropriate, documentary rights, etc.

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