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Volunteers who contribute 5 or more hours in a calendar year can attain voting rights independent of their membership class standing (primarily student over 18 years of age and senior members).

Patron $100

Explorer $500

Life Members $1000

Settler Members $5000

Within the OL-Wiki: All members will create Open Luna accounts with their real names, and name the accounts with at least the first name.

Letter and Number combination user-names in the OL Wiki are not authorized without prior approval from authorized System Administrators.

Examples:Italic text John Smith may have a UserID of John.Smith, JohnSmith, or SmithJohn.

If you choose to form a UserID from a job title, the original given name ID may be renamed to that title with approval from Systems Administrators.

Example: Italic text Jane Smith may choose to rename her SmithJane wiki UserID to MicrogravityEngineer, or MGE-JSmith, etc.

More upon approval from authorized OpenLuna officers.

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