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This is a proposal to reorganise the OpenLuna wiki. The aim of the suggestions made here is to:

  • organize the OpenLuna community
  • identify and organize the different functional areas within OpenLuna
  • introduce a simple system to create tasks and work packages
  • consider the introduction of some form of standardization.

OpenLuna consists of a number functional areas (e.g. engineering, ground operations, publicity, etc.). Each of these functional areas could be allocated a portal on the wiki where work on that specific functional area may be carried out. Each portal would have a head who will lead and manage the portal (and hence the functional area). For example, the engineering portal will be headed by the Chief Engineer and the finance portal will be headed by the Chief Financial Officer.

Each functional area could then be divided into projects or programmes and then subsystems or work packages. Each subsystems would then be divided into various tasks. The work packages and/or tasks may be allocated sub-portals as necessary.

As for the Open Luna community, they maybe grouped as Core Group and Volunteers. The Core Group will consist of those members who must remain with Open Luna for extended periods of time. Long term commitment will then ensure the smooth fulfilment of all duties. The volunteers are those who may work on tasks for short periods of time and then leave if they so wish.

Below is a more detailed description of what has just been mentioned.

The OpenLuna Community

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