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This is a unlinked page I am starting to list some ideas/discussions on possible products that openluna can sell

The easy Google ads

Ad space for commercial space projects.

The slightly better T-Shirt

The better but more problematic Scale models. First resins, then blown models and the easiest one when we get a firm design is LEGOS !

We could sell the one off pressed coffee cups commonly available from photo places cheaply enough. (Much higher quality that many of the print on demand places.) Patches, Jackets, pins, Pens, Branded memory sticks. A novel or two. A movie Seats Suits Landers, (Real or mockup.) Outposts, (Real, Analogue, kids tents, etc.) Rovers (real, High end analogues and toys to children's toys.)

we need to find a high quality print on demand outfit.

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