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Open Projects

An area to list projects or tasks that need to be worked on. People may have started these items or maybe just the need exists. Please link to project pages.

  • Lunar Lander configuration
  • Lander Lidar/Radar
  • Lander Avionics
  • Lander Communications
  • Lander Engines
  • Ground Station build up
  • Suit Materials
  • Suit ECLSS
  • Suit Communications
  • Suit Management
  • Suit Shoes
  • Suit Gloves
  • Suit altenatives
  • Inflatable Habitats (orbital)
  • Outposts
  • launch Vehicle options
  • Re-entry Vehicle

Please add ideas here and, more importantly, link existing pages to the list. We know there is a bunch going on and this list is not intended to detract from existing work. When a project has a more formal organisation/announcement, that should be linked under the projects on the front page. We also realise that existing work may not be public yet. No offense is intended by listing the need here.

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