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Google Lunar X-Prize clone-like rovers.

There will be a contest for students to design this and the "Sample return" class Sample_return_Rover.

The lander will deposit the rovers, similar to an upside down Pellet-type candy dispenser.

The thinking is that the lander will deposit some number (Paul would like to see five or six.) of these little rovers around the edge of the crater, and they will, well, rove around looking for interesting things. They will need to survive out of the sun for short periods of time, and it would be best if they could dip into the crater.

They will travel around, looking for the most interesting sites, and two of them will be selected for later sample return locations, with one being chosen for the outpost.

The lander, once finished delivering them, will go to a central high point (like Malpert Mountain at) to act as a radio relay, and for possible re-positioning of the rovers.

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