For discussion & Draft of BOD Res. to clarify Member classes

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Are member classes needed ?

Break it down into two classes voting/non-voting or Active/non-active ?

Break those down into more classes by age ? Youth 1-17, young adult 18-21, adult, senior 55+ , senior citizens 65+, octo 80+ centurion 100+  ?

Down further into donation classes by amounts of cash, amounts of materials, and amounts of personal time.

Then there might be life members or members emeritus, corporate, government, other NPOs ....

Should seniority have a bearing ? (add stars to a member class annually ?)

Should family lineage have a place here ? ( 'Sons of the revolution' )

Education level, nationality, eye color, gender and preference, diet, ???

It's pretty easy to have a lot more membership classes than members...... :)

Under the observed circumstances that most voting members don't, why not let anyone who wants to vote have a say ?

Membership dues, or any other contributions, should be recognised (or anonomised as desired) publicly.

ges 6/14/09

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