For discussion & Draft of BOD Res. to clarify Member classes

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"Junior Student" - Non-Paid, Non-Voting - For members under the age of majority.
"Student" - $20 dues - Voting - For members over the age of majority, either in high school or enrolled full-time at an accredited institute of higher learning.
"General" Just like in the bylaws.
"Life member" - 20 years of dues at the current rate.
Several "High Donor" classes to recognize people who donate more that the minimum dues. Amounts and categories to be discussed later.
"Senior" Over local age of retirement. (65 and older in the US & Canada) $20 Dues, Voting member.
Only voting members can serve as officers or on the board. Note none of this is to be taken as law, only my thoughts. Let's work this here (by editing this) after working the details in the discussion page.

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