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Frequently Answered Questions

Wait, You really plan on going to the moon!

While not a question, Yes, we really plan on both sending not only robots, but people. Eventually an outpost and then a colony.

What makes you think you can do this? It took NASA so much work!

And it is all of that work that allows us to do it. It's really very simple. People know how to do this. We went to the moon the first time with 40 year old technology. we certainly be able to do it with today's technologies. We have had 40 years to fine tune the technology. This simplifies the process. We have 40 years of experience, but none of the administrative baggage, nor none of the bureaucratic inertia, nor any of the political fighting. We can be singular in our focus.

Go To the Moon!

What's up with the Moon in your logo?

That's the moon's southern pole, and the focus of our attentions.


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