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We expect the need for four separate brochures, two for investing, two for donations. each having one for the local country, one for the world. The general idea is to state what benefit the donation to OL will have on the country, (this is why we may need a brochure for a country, and for the world) the people (mostly education for children, but some financial rewards) but most importantly, for the donor. Most of this benefit would come from sponsor rewards such as product placement, "free" advertising and general good will. - Think "{XToolCo}, the tool that took us back to the moon" or "This video brought to you by {X telecom Company}", etc or logos all over everything imaginable the equipment, real or toys, the website, uniforms, etc. Sort of like a NASCAR car or driver/crew.

Some research that needs to be done;

- current hits on space related websites, incl govt and GLXP sites. $spent on the advertising on the sites. (ie, the space related ad revenue.)

- $ spent on SF novels, movies, DVDs, rentals, magazines, computer games, (all media) etc

- $ spent on SF & space conventions

- $ spent on SF & Space toys, models, rocketry, etc.

- - (All hopefully showing a trend up.)

- numbers on how NASA investing into space makes money in the country.

- real $ for NASCAR & America's cup team (and other similarly funded teams) costs & their sponsorship models

- look for references to space in pop culture. (Bridgestone lunar commercial, Songs, TV shows etc.)

- look for entrance numbers into science & engineering in the US and Canada.

- - (incl graduations in STEM - Science Tech, Eng, Math.)

- in the brochure/paper we will need a bit about the Mission & the tech.

- a section on the advantages to Open Source development.

- the team

- the overall budgets

- references to papers that show the tech is (mostly) proven.

- for an investment brochure, Numbers for - - microsat launch ($ and numbers - these will be mostly projections) - - space tourism (other than lunar.)

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