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Why "Crewed" instead of the more common "Manned"? Although "Manned" could mean someone of "Mankind" we have decided to avoid any possible hint of sexism, and show that any of the first crews could be a female, we will use the word "Crewed".

Who will be the first to go? Who knows, That will be decided later. It will be whoever is the most qualified, and has shown the most commitment to the project.

The rest of the crews? Same answer.

All of the first generation Astronaut Explorers will have to go through certain training. Not all of the training that will be required is known yet, but what categories are known will be described here. (Discussion of specifics and category typed should take place on the discussion page.) Beyond being in good physical, mental and emotional condition, with no disqualifying conditions,(TBD) They will need to be able to tolerate standing (supported) at 4g, Crew members and invited explorers will need to be trained in;

Lander piloting (Including Orbital dynamics)

Lunar geology (What is the right word for that? When someone who knows better enters it, It should be turned to a link)

Suit operations

Space First Responder

Outpost operations

General Emergency Procedures

Communications protocols

Space weather

Equipment operations

Relevant Missions history

Surface environment


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