Because we've waited long enough!

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"Because we've waited long enough!" ???

What does this mean? It is the simple cry of an entire generation that feels betrayed. We expected so much more by now. We expected moon colonies, We expected a Martian outpost. We expected flying cars, but most of all, We expected more common space travel. What we have is bureaucracy and politics.

This post is by no means finished. It will evolve into something that thanks NASA, the Russian Federal space agency, CSA. ESA, JAXA and all of the space agencies for the hard work that they have done. It is meant to be uplifting and motivational.

But we needed something in the placeholder to keep someone from taking to the wrong way. We'll get back to it. Or even better, you get back to it, just keep it appreciative, uplifting, motivational. We want to thank the giants who's shoulder's we are standing on, not accuse the bureaucrats who fail us.

Paul Graham Project Manager--Paul 18:50, 22 August 2008 (UTC)

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