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Since the OpenLuna Mission_Plan includes the possibility that an explorer may have to spend as much as two weeks in their suit, the analogue suit is designed to provide for extremely long duration operations. This suit is expected be of a MCP/HUT hybrid. (Although a HUT/soft suit in the style of the NDX-2 is also being considered.) The helmet will be fixed to the HUT, with several flat planes for view plates. The rational behind flat plates is in ease of spares storage, ease of repair, and ease of polishing/maintenance. The PLSS, HUT, and helmet will also be integrated. The HUT will be entered from the front. Since the view plate is not hemispherical, the view plates will contain electronically polarizing elements for sun mitigation. There will be two water delivery nipples as described above, as well as two food delivery nipples, one for a savory food, one for a sweet food. Local communications will be handled via a routable VoIP protocol over WiFi, via a computer as described above. This entire system will be redundant. Long distance communication over amateur radio. The suit will be constructed from firm elastic cloth and laced to tension using a speed lace.

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