A conversation on Explorer (Astonaut) selection.

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There was recently an email exchange where someone asked about joining our Explorer corps. I thought it was worth publishing... of course, Her name was removed. There will be more to follow here.


Hi there,


I just wanted to ask you a quick question about your mission. Where will you get the astronauts from for your manned space missions? Will they be from NASA and what sort of experience will they need? 

I have this very strong, sort of crazy ambition to be the first women on the moon... 


Anyway thanks


From Debi-Lee

Ms. M
Thank you for your question about where we will get our astronauts.  We will probably train them ourselves but any experience is always good.  We have not had a lot of discussion on the astronauts or the qualifications; but the basic philosophy is that best pilots on our hardware, where we are making good strides, will be the ones to go.  


I see you registered on the website and I activated your account so you should be able to go to openluna.org/membership finish the process.  Welcome aboard. Feel free to reply-all with your resume attached if you like.


From me.

Hi N
   I'm one of the senior people involved in "Explorer" selection. If you are truly interested, we can get you in the process. My first questions would be, What have you done to further your goal, what can you do, and what are you willing to do to to become the first woman on the moon.
I will tell you that our selection process for early Explorers, (The first few people to go, including the first person to go) will require you to have a wide variety of skills and knowledge,(From engineering, science, medical, athletic skill, adventurous nature, and even public speaking) and we will give special consideration to the people who are volunteering early on. NASA astronauts (or other space agency astronauts) will not be given any special consideration. And, a note that you may appreciate, we call our missions "Crewed" because they may contain either men or women.
I applaud your goal, and your drive. Let's see what you can do next.
From NM


Thank you for replying to my email! I do have a small confession to make, I am only 17 at the moment! However, I am very willing to do whatever it takes and put in all the hard work to achieve my ambitions. So far my main passions include biological sciences, astrology and keeping myself in good physical shape. I also go to a school where they are involved in many prestigious public speaking competitions, some of which I have participated in myself! Finally I am always up for a challenge and love to try and go beyond the normal expectations! Over the next couple of years of my education I plan to build up a good variety of skills and try and gain lots of good experience and extra knowledge to help me.


Thank you for your help!



And, Finally, from me,

OK, Good! Keep up a good path in school. Have you been accepted to a university yet? If not, how can we help, and if so, what school and program?
Are you on facebook? You can see some of the announcements there.
Your age does not take you out of this, there is plenty for you to do.
And now some comments that lead from this.
It is exciting to me that High School students are being motivated to do better, to continue their study of STEM subjects. (I hope she meant "Astronomy" rather than "Astrology") and that she is motivated to do better. and, Although I do not expect her to be the first woman on the moon, if she is driven enough, and skilled enough, it could be possible. Even if she isn't first, it is certainly in the realm that she could go. That is a personal challenge up to her. - and -  it is the same challenge that will be left to you!
Will you do it? Will you start doing only the things that will further your goals? Will you stop wasting your very precious time on pursuits that do not lead to your goals? Now, This does not mean that you can't have fun, but, when you do have fun, when you do select recreational activities, that are of value (Run, work out, read a book that has value, watch "High Density" recreational TV, learn an instrument or a new skill, spend quality time with friends), not activities that are mindless or otherwise a simple waste of time.

And - Even if you don't go to Space, you can help return people into space. There are plenty of tasks you can do, Plenty of things that will help complete the mission, and may actually help you get to space...
It's a challenge.
Are you up for it?


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