Turning the corner.

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With my head cold just beginning to subside and single handed typing after wrenching my already sore finger, I am compelled to pick up my computer to make this blog entry.  I have been working to bring space exploration within reach of the average person since 1988 as one of the founders of The International Space Exploration and Colonization Company, ISECCo.  Why?  Because I was an average person (maybe not so average but you know what I mean) and I wanted an active part in it.  Yes, there are other paths that I might have selected or chanced to follow and while experiencing a long period of personal trials, I often wished I had taken a different course.  But the outcome of that path is that everything I need to achieve this seemingly impossible goal is at hand.  I have the connections and associations to take this launch team and open the way that the OpenLuna program has set forth to achieve.  The parts, pieces players are all accounted for.  The task at hand is to coordinate them and you are invited to participate as we crest the mountain and begin the downhill journey.

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