Here's to Steak and Ice Cream

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My 32 characters will be "Here's to steak and ice cream".   As I bring this Website back up to order on this drippy Fairbanks day, I do so with mixed emotions.  I just returned from our parish picnic where we had a farewell celebration for our parish priest.  While I am excited about where OpenLuna is going, I am saddened by Fr. M.'s departure.  One of his first homilies after he arrived a few years ago included a story about a family taking a long shipboard ocean voyage.  They could barely afford the trip and so they brought along only cheese sandwiches for food.  The child could not take the bland diet and pleaded for some money to go buy something better.  He came back with a self satisfied smile and the parents ask what he found.  And he said he had a big steak and a big plate of ice cream.  They were surprised the he got that much with just a nickle.  He informed them that meals were part of ticket price and gave them back the nickle.  The ship voyage is life and having the best parts of life is granted to us by default.  Subsisting on cheese sandwiches is not what life is about.  Welcome to our journey to the moon.  Is it steak or ice cream?

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