Gemini Mission 1

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We are celebrating OpenLuna's first space mission:

Names will now be included in the OpenLuna NanoSatellite Launch Team contest, Click here; History of the project is below.

Mission 1 began as a cooperative mission between OpenLuna and Micro-Space of Denver, CO.  With the passing of Richard Speck just before the cubesat integrations,  Mission 1 has been revised.  An effort has begun to preserve Richards hard work and vision of tiny satellites working in space.   Mission 1 (OpenLuna's messages in space) continues with the cooperation of the PocketQub project specifically with support from Prof. Bob Twiggs at Morehead State University Space Science Center in Kentucky

The messages are scheduled for launch in 2012 on a Dnepr Rockets (delayed from earlier announcements) from Yasny, Russia into a 700 km high orbit. Click here to participate.

The Messages

Messages sent into Earth Orbit


PDF Version

The Dombarovsky Launch Facility is putting an X-ICBM to good use launching commercial payloads and satellites.

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