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Welcome to OpenLuna Membership registration. With it you will be stay up to date with many exciting opportunities to participate in space activities from sending your name to actually visiting the outpost yourself (yes!)

Online Membership registration is currently unavailable. Please contact our team leaders. You can find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Circles, etc. And by direct email Paul is [email protected], Debi is [email protected] Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Select the level of support you can offer to our exciting program.

General Membership - $ 50.00
Base membership status

Student Membership - $ 20.00
Discount for Students

Senior Membership - $ 20.00
No set age; it is available for those who need it.

Patron Level - $ 200.00
Donate $200 or more per year

Explorer Level - $ 500.00
Donate $500 or more per year

Settler Level - $ 2,000.00
Donate $2000 or more per year

Thank you.  Your participation at any level is critical to our success.

 Your contact information will be held in the highest confidentiality we can provide.

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