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Paul Graham, the current President, conceived this long overdue idea after extensive and detailed discussion with co-founding member Gary Snyder, PhD. Core team leaders are scientists, engineers, accountants, and artists working various angles of this multidimensional project.

Engineering effort for these missions began in late 2007.  The foundation, organized not-for-profit and registered as a federal 501(c)3 company in June 2009, is barely a year old.  And yet we already have an opportunity to do what few other organizations of this type have been able to achieve in years to decades of existence -- access to orbit.

As a Colorado Corporation, 9883 Pearl St. Thornton, CO 80229 is the registered address which is the office of our treasurer, a CPA , experienced in not-for-profit IRS rules and regulations.

The members and teams are spread all over the world.

Company officers and board are:

Paul Graham, President and Chairman of the Board

Debi-Lee Wilkinson, VP of Membership and Development and board member.

Rick Reeser, Secretary and Treasurer and board member

Hall Fulton, board member.  (links to come)

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