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State of the Industry - Going Strong

As I await my flight home after the  NewSpace 2013 Conference, I remember that not everyone realizes the size and scope and, most importantly, the momentum of the new space industry.

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OpenLuna Conversations

My friends Steve Smith and June Vasilis hosted a skype call where we were discussing the OpenLuna Foundation and the OpenLuna project.  Steve recorded the conversation and I added a set of video images to help the listener follow along.  You can find it among our Outreach page with other conversations at openluna.org/outreach and I have embedded it here.


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The Outreach Page

I just updated the outreach page with Paul's latest presentation which was at Purdue University SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) conference.  You can find it and a few of his others at http://openluna.org/outreach

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October News

Recent news:
We have a new home for the website at CiviHosting so we will be better able to operate, including updates and auto renewal notices. 
Paul Graham presented us at several conferences, sorry I can't keep up to all of them, including ISDC, newspace and DragonCon this year and is already on the schedule for ISDC (International Space Development Conference) next year in May.

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Google Checkout

I just added Google Checkout to the payment engines on the membership page and the donate page.

Google Checkout donations.  Slightly lower fees than PayPal.

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Turning the corner.

With my head cold just beginning to subside and single handed typing after wrenching my already sore finger, I am compelled to pick up my computer to make this blog entry.  I have been working to bring space exploration within reach of the average person since 1988 as one of the founders of The International Space Exploration and Colonization Company, ISECCo.  Why?  Because I was an average person (maybe not so average but you know what I mean) and I wanted an active part in it.

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New Webhosting at CiviHosting.

Earlier this summer we moved the website to a new hosting, Specializing in CiviCRM membership databasescivihosting.com



Thank you Hershel. 

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Not too late to see Paul on Junk Raiders

Paul Graham at work on Junk Raiders 2

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Farewell to Richard Speck

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Day 3 Newspace: Closing the Lunar Case

... Almost a week later - travel, getting home, etc.  But space vid cast now has much more of the program posted:  http://www.spacevidcast.com/?s=newspace&x=0&y=0

You can listen to the conference :  newspace-2010-closing-the-lunar-business-case where they really didn't close the case in my book.  They hashed out two main topics. 

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