Not too late to see Paul on Junk Raiders

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Paul Graham at work on Junk Raiders 2

This time last year OpenLuna's CEO, Paul Graham, joined the Junk Raiders 2 team to build a club house out of an old shipping container for Evergreen.  The show aired in Canada last spring.   You can still enjoy the suspenseful series as the team seeks to build what they need from what they can find (not unlike what space colonists would do).  You will notice Paul's OpenLuna polo shirt (blue letters on his black shirt).  The show was not the publicity event we had hoped for but it was a great show to watch for anyone interested in sustainable building, recyling (free cycling as they say), resource allocation and overcoming challengs.  You can still enjoy this engaging show at the discovery channel website.  The first episode is this link:

The discovery schedule has it currently airing at 9AM Sunday (Sept. 4) and 10AM on Thursday (Sept. 8).

If you only have time to watch one 10 minute section this is the one to watch.  Part 5 of episode 5.  In this episode we also get to see the OpenLuna Outpost on international television!  enlightened


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