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New Webhosting at CiviHosting.

Earlier this summer we moved the website to a new hosting, Specializing in CiviCRM membership



Thank you Hershel. 

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Why the PayPal and other low end fund-raising links?

I have been asked (and taken to task several times) about the PayPal and other low end fund-raising links on the site. I mean really, do you really expect to raise $500 million USD via PayPal or by selling shoes and books?

No, Of course not.

Then, why have the links there?

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Not too late to see Paul on Junk Raiders

Paul Graham at work on Junk Raiders 2

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Taking it to the stars...

Orbital Technologies International, LLC is working hard to establish Indiana as the first major "Space-Gateway" in the mid-west. You can help, please visit us @

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Farewell to Richard Speck

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Day 3 Newspace: Closing the Lunar Case

... Almost a week later - travel, getting home, etc.  But space vid cast now has much more of the program posted:

You can listen to the conference :  newspace-2010-closing-the-lunar-business-case where they really didn't close the case in my book.  They hashed out two main topics. 

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Day 2 NewSpace: Removing Barriers to Commercial Space.

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Day 1 NewSpace: Building an industry

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On Servers, OpenLuna's core purpose, and Epic Goals.

Welcome back, I'm personally sorry for the delay. You can blame me exclusively. With that out of the way, We can move on. (I'll explain more if asked, in the spirit of openness.) I will also say right up front, This is a bit long, but I have a lot to say today. I promise, I won't do it very often...

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Here's to Steak and Ice Cream

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