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What does "This is your mission" really mean?

Just what it says. Your mission. This is not a mission for the elite. (Well, not really - See below.) This is a mission for everybody. Everyone has a chance to participate, and everyone will be given a chance for the rewards. All of the tech that we develop will be freely available. That means that you will be able to download the plans, and with a few part kits (From tech we didn't develop) you will be able to build your own mission! (Or any part of it) If you want your own lander, you can have one, rover? no problem, it's your mission! - The only limiting factor will be your own capabilities, it won't be us limiting or restricting you.

How else? Well, there will be some contests, for example;

The rover designs will be chosen by contest.

Many of the landers and rovers will be named by contest.

There will be contests where winners will be given an opportunity to drive one of the rovers.

Several schools (From k-13 and university level) will be given lunar samples to do whatever they wish with.

There will be several raffles held, including raffles for lunar samples of your own, lander and rover training, and drive time for the real rovers. There will even be a raffle for bunks in the outpost occasionally! (and at ticket prices that anyone can afford!)

Other ways to bring the mission to you include the ability to purchase any or all of the mission hardware. (As described above) take training classes on all of the equipment, including lander pilot certificates and rover operators certificates! All of the data feeds will be sent back in the open, so you can see all of the live data as we do, after all, it's your mission! If you have an interesting scientific experiment, send it up, many will be chosen and run, if you have a novel way to do something, write about it here, and if it works better than what we have, we'll do it your way, and you get the credit for it! (We will never play games with stealing someones ideas or credit, but check with us first. There is a lot of parallel development going on.)

If you don't want to leave anything to chance, and can afford it (That's the "not really" part from above.) there will also be some auctions, including samples, landers, rovers and even a bunk on the first "Shakedown" habitation of the outpost! The rest of the crew will be chosen from the core team, and anyone can work their way into that team. (All you have to do is do your job better than anyone else.)

In a nutshell, If you wanted, you can help with any or all phases of development, will get all of the data and images, could help direct where the science and engineering go, and could even have a sample of your very own! If you wanted and were able to, you could even build and fly your own mission! Why? Because this is a mission of the people, all the people, not just the select few. This is a mission planned by anyone who cares enough, for everyone to benefit from.

In other words;


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