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NOTE: Paul is in Hawai'i on a job right now, is 4-6 hours behind the US, and only checks here when asked too. Don't be surprised if he doesn't respond quickly...

Paul Graham - Project Manager;

Paul has been working as an Engineer for the Mars Society's Mission Support since the FMARS 2002 season, and is the current Engineering Team Coordinator. Paul is also on the 4 Frontiers Generation II Mars Settlement Programing team as a dual division head (Building Trades & Mars Suits.) He attended Colorado School of Mines where he studied Engineering Physics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering as a triple major. He has worked in every building trade, including several years as a plumber, a tinner and an electrician, has extensive RV experience from construction, repair, refitting and living and even spent a few days working on the ARES rover.

Currently he is the CTO of Alpine Systems, a PC consulting company where he loves to teach people how to use their computers in a fun creative manner, and Alpine Systems Engineering, a Linux/Unix consulting and Web/e-mail hosting company where he spends most of his time building and breaking servers and figuring new and creative ways to use or abuse computers and electronic hardware. He is currently working on several Embedded controller real time telemetry and streaming media projects. He is also working with developing rural broadband using several wireless technologies. His other interests include writing (He is currently writing a novel, a movie script, and a childrens story having several published short stories and non-fiction magazine articles), photography, videography, theater, acting, mountaineering, hiking and other outdoor activities, SCUBA diving, and he is an amateur radio operator (KC0IFZ).

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