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Hey everyone!

I'm member amesoliman. I am proposing here the modification of the OpenLuna wiki to better organize it. I hope this will make it easier to navigate in the future.

Please use this discussion page to identify any weaknesses in this proposal. Also feel free to change any misleading information or errors.

I have been advised to rename the project management area to Board of Directors. My main aim of project management is for project heads and subsystem leaders to meet and discuss any issues of mutual interest. I guess it would also be a good idea for the BoD to also 'mingle' in this portal to follow the latest progress.

Looking forward to your comments!

--Paul 17:19, 11 November 2009 (UTC) I am reading this in detail, but so far I like the idea. I know Gary had some details he was adding as far as Organizational details, but over all, we like it. And please - Keep it up. We desperately need a wiki gardener, and looking at what you've written so far, I think you'd do it well.

Note for further reference for every one; We no longer number missions, we only name them. We don't know if there are going to be one two three or more Scout_class or Sample_return_class missions, for example.

--Amesoliman 19:02, 13 November 2009 (UTC) Thanks Paul, really appreciate the input.

I don't think I can organise the whole wiki on my own, I think we need to all jump in for the effort.

Engineering discussions seem to be very little, so that would be a good place to start. Since I'm volunteering in engineering, I can help in establishing the new portal.

I'll see if I can design the skeletons for each portal, then people could simply put in the relevant info. I'll try to do it, but can't promise anything.

Thanks again for your comment!

Welcome Amesoliman,

The proposal sounds good to me. I think it would help if someone started with just creating empty pages that form an outline of sorts. Then people can jump in and move or add stuff. Could you get us started by taking that on?


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