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What sorts of permissions do we allow?

Right now I am in the anyone can read, but only registered users can change pages or upload files camp. Thoughts?

For sure! D-L

What are the requirements for becoming a registered user? Any restrictions?

Answer = just fill out the form. and wait for permission. No more spammers please. PGG

Until decided otherwise, I've restricted anonymous editing. - PGG


Okay new one: the ABOUT OPEN LUNA blurb here (min page) has a little bit to much mission details. probably should be slid down the page to the next blurb on mission. Also I think this is where a quick description of the organisation should go, I'd like to see a link to the financial books (the link should be in a sub=page and with limited editing capability) and some discussion about openness. specifically financial. the books should be listed with earmarked funds and sources, let alone sinks. anonimity should be an option, not the default on all sources. sinks have to be public.

This might be better on the main page, but this is easier to work on . also the main page needs to have the copyright notices updated.

=Gar 2/16/09

how does this sound for About Openluna

"The [Openluna organisation] here on earth is firmly commited to transparency and cooperation among interested parties. Honesty, respect, democracy, appreciation and influence depending on contribution are all foundations of our organisation " with the link going into more detail .... -Gar, a little later.

Another Idea: Seems like there is more near term projects that could be floated. possibly a ECLSS hab project. suit designs and test beds, How about a lander demo ? Should we have an area for that ? - snyder 7/11/09

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