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The Helmet for the OpenLuna LSS is currently being designed be integral to the HUT to provide armour, C-spine protection, and for ease of connecting air, water and other life support connections.

It will contain stereo HD cameras, lights, a heads-up display, internal stereo speakers and mics, (with the comm radio playing stereo sound when the sources direction is known to allow the operator to locate the sender) two liquid dispensers, (one for water, one for an electrolyte replacement drink), two pureed food dispensers, air intakes jetting over the visors for defogging, and waste air being recovered over the base of back of the head to help dry the head. Consideration is being given to a "Sample Lock" to allow operators to taste their environment, eat solid food through, and - if need be - vomit through.


Current plans call for each suit to be custom made for specific suit operator (or just Operator) using 3D body scanning, then a vacuum forming mold will be made from the scan and the helmet and HUT will be "Vac-formed" out of HDPE (High Density Poly-Ethylene) for it's radiation shielding properties. The gasketed view port panes will be bolted into the HDPE suit with metallic bolts and threaded inserts cast into the HDPE. We are considering several view port materials.

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