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Week Long Team meeting $20,000
Week Long Team meeting $20,000
Preliminary visit with [http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/ JPL] or [http://idc.nasa.gov/ Goddard Integrated Design Center]  $100,000
Preliminary visit with [http://jplteamx.jpl.nasa.gov/ JPL TeamX] or [http://idc.nasa.gov/mdl Goddard Mission Design Center]  $100,000
== Stage 2: ==
== Stage 2: ==

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Bootstrapping our way to the Moon

[edit] Stage 1:

Week Long Team meeting $20,000

Preliminary visit with JPL TeamX or Goddard Mission Design Center $100,000

[edit] Stage 2:

Week Long Team Meeting $20,000

end-to-end mission design visit with JPL/Goddard $300,000

[edit] Stage 3:

Based on results of Stage 2, namely the details of the end-to-end mission design

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