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Current Policy

Annual Membership dues for general members is $50 granting voting rights.

Student and Senior membership is $20 with no voting rights but everyone is free to sign up as a general member. (See Proposed membership Policy for an active discussion on this topic.

SECTION 2. CLASSES OF MEMBERSHIP. General Members - must pay periodic dues, as established by the Board of Directors; are entitled to full voting rights at Annual or other meetings of the Membership; may hold office as a member of the Board of Directors; and may serve as a corporate officer, upon designation by the Board of Directors. Membership may be terminated upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee, pursuant to a due process hearing, affording complainants and defendant/member ample opportunity to be heard, as the circumstances and good judgment may require; and Membership shall be deemed to have terminated voluntarily by the failure of any member to pay established dues on a timely basis. General Members - may include several 'status' labels, or groupings, including 'Founding Member', 'Explorer', 'Settler', 'Life' Member (i.e., one who has 'paid up for life' of a predetermined dues amount) and a category for 'Sponsor' members.

Sponsor Member - would enable a corporation, foundation, other institution such as a college or university, or other not-for-profit entity to be recognized by name, and to appoint one or more of its officers or other designees to membership, on behalf of, or representing the named entity, as a General Member, as established by resolutions properly adopted by the Board of Directors. A named designee, as a General Member, would enjoy the same standing as others regarding voting rights and eligibility for election to the Board of Directors, or appointment by said Board to a Committee or to serve as an officer of the OPENLUNA FOUNDATION.

Founding Member - shall include those persons who have contributed time, money or expertise for the pre-formative period from January 1, 2008, through and including the adoption of these By-Laws, to be effective on the ___ day of June, 2009, according to the list of named Founders, attached hereto as Exhibit A, and incorporated herein by this reference. Founding Members, or 'Founders' shall become General Members upon payment of initial dues, as established by the Board of Directors and upon satisfying such other requirements as are noted above.

Patron, Explorer and Settler Members - shall be included as General Members upon satisfying the 'status' requirements, including level of contributions of funds, property or other values, as defined and to be deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, by specific resolutions of said Board, when and as such measures are properly adopted. Upon acceptance, such Members shall be afforded all of the privileges and responsibilities of General Members, as noted above.

Student Member - available to high school or college students; not required to pay annual dues; ascribes to the purposes of the Foundation; may apply for General Membership upon attaining the age of majority as defined by laws of the State or other jurisdiction of the student's residence or domicile and payment of annual dues; may remain in a non-dues paying 'Student Member' status through college before being called upon to join 'General Members' class. Conditions regarding Student Member status, initiation fee or reduced Dues, Voting rights, and eligibility to serve by Board appointment on Committees shall be as determined and set forth by properly adopted Resolutions of the Board of Directors.

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