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Aquaponics, for those who don't know, is a blend of Hydroponics and fish farming. Aquaculture1.png

OpenLuna plans on using several aquaponics modules for O2/CO2 management, food production, water purification, waste management, and simply for entertainment and other human factors. Aquaculture lounge.png

There will be several units installed as part of the outpost. eventually, there will be enough to completely support the facility, and a limited number of visitors.

Some of the modules will be partially exposed on the surface, with a thick water jacket as radiation shielding, and to sanitize the water.

The plants will consist of food plants (for the people and the fish), herbs, water purification plants, (Water hyacinth for example), air purification (O2/CO2 exchange), and smell improvement (mostly attractive flowering plants near the lounges), (The stinkier anaerobic process will be kept out of the crew breathable air.), and bamboos for some structures. There will several hydroponic and airponic flowering and edible herb walls near various lounges and near the kitchen, but these are not considered part of the aquaponics systems.

Fish will be used for crew protein supplement.

There will be honey bees inside these modules to provide sweeteners to the crew, but most importantly, to provide pollination.

(More to follow)

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