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Thank you for your interest in the OpenLuna Foundation.  Join the fun of sending a personal name or message into space.  It can be a memorial (please specify as such to have it posted accordingly).  Click here to see the existing messages.

To participate in the Names in Space:

Send an email to [email protected] with the content you would like sent into space and identify a a method of payment before Jan. 20th, 2012.  Forward a copy of your registration confirmation email adding your free 32 characters with membership.  If paying by paypal, you may forward the associated email to [email protected] with the characters you would like to fly.

Please note that PayPal will process credit card payments without making a PayPal account (click continue next to their login box).  You may forward your copy of the receipt with your names (or other content to fly).

Checks can be sent to the corporate office where the treasurer will receive them:
OpenLuna Foundation, Inc. 9883 Perl St. Thornton, CO, 80229
or email [email protected] for alternate arrangements.

Your participation is greatly appreciated.  For additional messages see the list below and email your request accordingly.

  1. Nickname - 8 characters: $50
  2. Long Name - 16 characters: $100
  3. Full Name - 24 characters: $150
  4. Family Name - 32 characters $200 or free with membership
  5. Motto/Tag Line - 128 characters $400 or free with patron level membership - donation of $200
  6. Just a Thought - 256 characters $800
  7.  Poem - 800 characters $1200

In cooperation with the CubeSat program at MoreHead State University Space Science Center in Kentucky the messages will fly as part of a NanoSat class satellite to be launched in 2012 on a Dnepr Rocket.  Your message or name will be on an electronic chip on this flight.

The Dombarovsky Launch Facility in Yasny, Russia is putting an X-ICBM to good use launching several satellites into a 700 km high orbit. 

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