Day 3 Newspace: Closing the Lunar Case

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... Almost a week later - travel, getting home, etc.  But space vid cast now has much more of the program posted:

You can listen to the conference :  newspace-2010-closing-the-lunar-business-case where they really didn't close the case in my book.  They hashed out two main topics. 

1) We hear as an argument against making any moves to the moon: "We have already been there", including Obama in his speech to NASA.  Debi's answer is simple:  "How many people have climbed Mt. Everest, Mt. McKinley?"  Somehow the fact that someone else has done it doesn't dampen the spirit of many to go. 

2) The amount of water on the moon?  Debi's answer: Extrapolating from discoveries on Mars, the moon itself and my own studies in asteroid composition we will continue to find new sources of water ice on the moon.  Perhaps not Bruce Pittman's claim in the video of 600 million tons of water but ice is prevalent in the formation of the solar system and being found in unexpected places (where prior to discovery educated scientists would have to have claim were ridiculous suggestions). 

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water on the moon

The news article referencing large amounts of water on the moon is In this case it is actually talking about the North Pole.  Previous expectations favored the South Pole.

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