Welcome! (back?) Or, What's been going on?

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It’s been a while; let me try to get you caught up.

First off, we are alive and well, and still doing good work. We have partnered with a For-Profit company, Kepler Shipyards, in order to help with development and potentially allow us to commercialize some of our tech.

We are still recovering from the wiki spam and corruption issue. We are not sure if some of the archive data can ever be recovered, but no mission critical data was lost; we are working with a new web developer to get things squared away. We are, again, moving to a new server that we have more control over, and could use some help with administering that - especially since the board has forbidden me from touching servers. I tend to focus only on servers, and neglect all of my other duties. Volunteers are encouraged to contact us to help.

What projects are we working on? Well, within the overall project of building a permanent outpost on the moon, we have several sub-projects that are being actively worked on. In partnership with Kepler Shipyards, we are working on lunar surface suits, further refinement on lunar lander systems, inflatable structures, and aquaponics systems (among others). We are assisting Kepler in developing several commercial products derived from this technology, including lunar surface and cis-lunar transport, and lunar fuel systems. In partnership with the yet unannounced “Cosmic Diving”, we are further refining the “Jump Suit” and Earth return systems. Projects that OpenLuna is working on independently include other inflatable structures and methods to make them rigid, cis-lunar communications, lunar navigation systems, suit medical systems, and many others.

Then there is the Open Lunar Foundation. Thanks for the Slashdotting! We appreciate that you took our briefings and numerous presentations from pre-2012 to heart and decided to run with it too. Welcome, but we do have one request - please respect our Open Source Creative Commons license. That is one of our founding principles: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/

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