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Names in Space Mission - Gemini Pocket Cubesat Mission

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Register now for the Gemini mission to carry your name aboard the spacecraft into orbit

Launch of the Dnepr Rocket from Yasny, Russia is currently scheduled for 29 October, 2010

The Dombarovsky Launch Facility is putting an X-ICBM to good use lanching several satellites into a 700km high orbit including four satellites operated by OpenLuna's major partners Microspace of Colorado.  

Microspace has generously offered payload space to the OpenLuna foundation to further its core interest in promotion, education, entertainment and participation in the New Space Industry.

Register by July 31, 2010 for your name to be carried into space on OpenLuna's breakthrough space mission.  In our commitment to make particpation affordable this service is offered for an outstanding breakthrough price of $50 for up to 8 characters.  Choose from the following options:

  1. Nickname - 8 characters: $50
  2. Long Name - 16 characters: $100
  3. Full Name - 24 characters: $150
  4. Family Name - 32 characters $200
  5. Moto/Tag Line - 128 characters $400
  6. Just a Thought - 256 characters $800
  7.  Poem - 800 characters $1200


  1. Name - up to 32 characters:  Free with with base membership a $200 values for as little as $50.
  2. Long phrase: Free with patron level membership an $800 value for as little as $200

Join the OpenLuna Foundatioin as a registered member and receive early notice of new opportunites on our follow on missions.

For images and sending items like a small bit of human ashes, contact team leaders with your request.

Microspace Gemini Mission

CubesatRichard Speck of Microspace competed for purchase of 4 tiny cubesat satellites for which he will investigate how well they interact with one another in anticipation of in-space rendevous of small scale devices. 

He has generously extended a small bit of space and weight on two of these craft for OpenLuna to provide educational and entertainment outreach and public relations promotion.

Your participation in some manner or another is highly encouraged.

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