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Thank you for your interest in OpenLuna.  This is really your moon, your mission.   Get involved.  Not only is this mission open for mass involvement, the mission requires it.  We can not do it without you.

  1. Join up with member dues and privileges - click here.
  2. Mail donations or dues to: 9883 Perl St. Thornton, CO 80229.  Make checks payable to The OpenLuna Foundation, Inc.
  3. Crowdfunding.  Currently not running any.
  4. PayPal donations.  (Payments made between PayPal accounts do not accrue the fee.  No fees are paid to load your PayPal account from your checking account.  Credit Card processing has a 3% fee so OpenLuna gets 97% of the total charge)
  5. Google Checkout donations.  Slightly lower fees than PayPal.
  6. Send donations to Executive Officers and Board Members. (or in person)
  7. Fly a message in space.  Click here
  8. Shop with our affiliate program.

The nearly free lunch:  The GoodSearch Toolbar: Download the toolbar and install it in FireFox and Internet Explorer.  Then as you browse the internet it will alert you with a yellow bar at the top of the page when you have reached a site that supports the GoodSearch program.  For examples:

Zazzle offers a record (so far) 12% of your purchase price is donated to OpenLuna (for the same price as any other internet purchase) and they have a very interesting collection of moon posters and products.

Endless Shoes and Bags is offering a whopping 8.5% donation to OpenLuna (or which ever charity you attach to GoodShop) based on your total purchase.  So you shop the internet just like you do anyway, you don't spend any more money than you do already, but the program receives a donation.  Amazon by contrast is only donating .5 to 1.5% but sells everything.  Vitacost offers 4 to 6% donation on nutritional supplements.  Even Alaska Airlines donates a $1 for each purchase.  And while the dollars don't seem like much, this is part of the micro-transactions that is a multi-million dollar industry.  Mass participation and the ongoing use both contribute to the wealth of this industry so don't be shy, every little bit helps.  Even the penny per search has yielded almost a neck and neck race with the amount raised from purchases so far.

Other known participants: Northern Tool, Home Depot, Barns & Noble, Hay House publishing, Sears, Lands end, Ecost (electronics), Vitacost ...  and many more - Click here for GoodShop. Feel free to add a comment to this page with a link if you find a good one.


While the Micro-Space Company Gemini Mission has been postponed indefinitely, the OpenLuna Messages to space on Mission 1 has been maintained.   Since human effort is required to collect and coordinate names a minimum donation of $20 is required for this service for the first dozen or so characters.  Simply forward your email PayPal receipt with the message/name to [email protected].  Or send it with your check.

If you have a long message you would like the world to hear, please simply make a blog post of it.

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