Farewell to Richard Speck

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OpenLuna visionary and sole proprietor of Micro-Space passed away in his sleep October 16th 2010. His funeral is Friday Oct. 29th, the same date as the original scheduled launch of his Gemini mission.  The rocket and the other payloads on it have slipped into December.  His passion for making space hardware small and light is the basis for the OpenLuna mission designs.  He granted OL royalty free license for his lunar hopper which is the core technology of the lunar missions.  The mission impacts of this event are unclear at this time, for now we assume everything will be sorted out.  I spoke to Richard in early August when he allowed me to extend the recruitment of names/messages for his Gemini mission and what I named our Mission 1.  He spoke enthusiastically about the various technology development proposals he was writing and putting the Gemini satellites together under a tight deadline.  He helped me through some feelings of discouragement with words of encouragement and understanding backed by his own enthusiasm.  He envisioned a program of small spacecraft and working on time-scales of years instead of decades that the space industry is accustomed.  I personally will remember the encouragement he gave me and continue bringing the OpenLuna Foundation forward.  Hold onto your visor Richard. 

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A goodbye video from GLXP

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